A plan to fit your needs

We built our plans with transparency in mind. No hidden fees, no credit card required for a trial, and equal access to our features across all plans.

One Project

$ 1,995
  • Access to all features
  • Unlimited analysis
  • Technical support
  • 1h with a performance expert

Five Projects

$ 4,995
  • Access to all features
  • Unlimited analysis
  • Technical support
  • 5h with a performance expert

Twenty Projects

$ 14,995
  • Access to all features
  • Unlimited analysis
  • Technical support
  • 15h with a performance expert

All prices are in USD

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a project?

A project consists of the models and datasets related to a specific use case. For example: predict churn, music recommendation system, etc. You can have as many active projects as your subscription allows. If you need more than 20 projects, simply contact us at sales@snit.ch for a tailored subscription plan.

Do you offer monthly subscriptions?

Yes, we offer monthly subscriptions. Please contact at sales@snit.ch for more details.

Can I update my plan at any moment ?

Yes, you can upgrade at any moment during your subscription from within your subscription portal or by contacting us. We’ll simply pro-rate the difference between your plans until the end of your subscription. 

Can I try Snitch AI for free before purchasing?

Yes! We offer a free 15-day trial. No credit card required and our trial gives you access to all the features.

How can I purchase my subscription?

You can purchase with a credit card from within Snitch AI. Simply log in your Snitch AI trial and click on ”Buy now” on the top right corner.

Or, contact us at sales@snit.ch if you need assistance!

Can I purchase without a credit card?

Yes, we accept wire transfers. Simply reach out to our sales teams at sales@snit.ch and we’ll gladly assist you

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