Quality assurance for machine learning,

Focus on what counts – delivering value

Snitch removes the noise to surface only the most useful information to improve your models.

ML Observability & Model Monitoring

Improve quality

Track your model’s performance beyond just accuracy with powerful dashboards and analysis.

Troubleshoot quickly

Identify problems in your data pipeline and distribution shifts before they affect your predictions.

Monitor continuously

Stay in production once you’ve deployed and gain visibility on your models & data throughout its cycle.


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Alloprof uses snitch machine learning model validation tool

Secure, integrated, and super simple

Keep your data secure: cloud, on-prem, private cloud, hybrid…you decide how to install Snitch.

Work within the tools you love: integrate Snitch into your MLops pipeline!

Get up and running quickly: we keep installation, learning and running the product easy as pie.

Validation beyond accuracy

Accuracy can often be misleading. Look into robustness and feature importance to evaluate your models before deploying.

Gain actionable insights to improve your models

Compare against historical metrics and your models’ baseline.

Risk mitigation and performance monitoring

Automate your data sanity check

Proactively get notified when something is wrong

Monitor continuously to avoid any surprise issues

Digestible dashboard and analysis

Keep it simple with one dashboard to streamline information across teams

Generate detailed results in JSON format

Download easy-to-understand PDF reports to share with your stakeholders

Compatible with major platforms, frameworks and cloud providers

Supports any TensorFlow model
Supports Google Cloud Platform
supports amazon web services
Supports Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Services

Snitch’s promise to our users

We take your data security very seriously


Run your tests locally without your data leaving your premises. Turn on hybrid mode or use the cloud version to easily share results, collaborate, and follow your dashboards. 

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The user experience is simple


You’ll be ready in less than 5 minutes. No complex integrations, no frameworks to adopt. Snitch AI works with your existing development process.

Snitch AI is scientifically accurate


We believe in affordable QA for ML models. We built our plans with simplicity and transparency in mind. All our prices are public here

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